Netanyahu Criticizes Abbas for Meeting Palestinian Terrorist Freed in Shalit Deal

Palestinian President meets Amna Muna during Turkey visit; PM's Office: The man who says he wants peace goes out of his way to meet a 'despicable murderer.'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for meeting freed Palestinian terrorist Amna Muna during a visit to Turkey on Wednesday.

Muna, who was freed to Turkey during the first stage of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange swap with Hamas, was serving a life sentence for her part in the murder of Ofir Rahum, an Israeli teen from Ashkelon.

Mahmoud Abbas and Amna Muna - 21.12.2011

Muna was supposed to go to the Gaza Strip, but she refused to enter the territory - apparently because she is a secular Muslim.

On Wednesday Israel Radio reported that Abbas had met Muna in private during his visit to Turkey after holding a group meeting with the rest of the Palestinians deported to Turkey in the Shalit deal.

In response to Abbas' meeting, the Prime Minister's Office released a statement later Wednesday, saying that it was "shocking to see the man who claims to the whole world that he aims for peace with Israel, going as far as Turkey to meet a despicable murderer."

Fatah strongman Jibril Rajub addressed the PA president's meeting with Muna, saying the freed prisoner wasn't in seclusion, telling Israel Radio: "If she doesn't deserve to live, why did you let her go?"

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