Netanyahu at Likud Rally: Despite Media 'Witch Hunt' We Are Invincible

To a crowd of Likud supporters, the premier says pressure to oust him is being placed on law enforcement because 'we cannot be defeated through democracy'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waves to his Likud party members in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, March 22, 2018
Ariel Schalit/AP

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the media a biased thought police on a witch hunt to oust him Thursday to a crowd of supporters in Tel Aviv. The prime minister spoke at a Likud rally attended by some 2,000 Likud party activists, lawmakers and party members. 

"Many of the people, and not just Likud supporters, hear what they're doing to us in the media and can feel that it's a fixed game, a real witch hunt," said Netanyahu, adding that "since we cannot be defeated in the ballots, we cannot be defeated in achievements or legacy, we cannot be defeated through democracy, there are those who use unrelenting pressure against law enforcement authorities."

Netanyahu said that unlike when no corruption is found in investigations into his own dealings,"when something concrete is found on someone else no one even touches it. Not in the media nor anywhere else, because there's one simple rule: not Bibi, no touching. It's a very simple rule." 

During the event, shirts bearing the slogan "Netanyahu guards Israel" were distributed, and signs hailing "Habibi, ain't no one like Bibi" were raised.

Last month, Israeli police recommended Netanyahu be indicted in two corruption cases dubbed "Case 1000 & 2000". In the following weeks, several Netanyahu confidants became state's witnesses in an additional case involving Israeli media mogul Shaul Elovtich and the popular Israeli news website Walla, with indications that Netanyahu promoted Elovitch's interests in exchange for favorable news coverage.