A Jew Named Mohammed, Mark Zuckerberg Repents and 9 Other Must Reads You May Have Missed During Sukkot

Here are the stories you need to catch up on

Daniel Antopolsky. For decades, his name hadn’t meant a thing to even the most ardent country music fans.
Sheriff of Mars

Taking Mohammed to the rabbis

Judy Maltz reports on the Azerbaijani-born Mohammed Babayev, who had to convince Israel's Chief Rabbinate he was "Jewish enough" to get married in Israel. It was far from straightforward. Read on

The Last Jews of Ankara

Esti Judah and Davide Lerner visit the Turkish capital and meet the once vibrant but now dwindling Jewish community there, down to a mere 24 members. Read on

Mark Zuckerberg repents – like?

Anshel Pfeffer writes that the Facebook CEO's bland Jewish allusions are no substitute for taking a moral stand over his website's power to channel incitement, hate and electoral espionage. Read on

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivering the commencement address at Harvard University, May 25, 2017.
Steven Senne/AP

The president who's playing with fire

Chemi Shalev on how Donald Trump's plan to decertify the Iranian nuclear deal would cast the fanatic regime in Tehran as innocent victim and divide U.S. Jews. Read on

The most prolific songwriter you've never heard

American-Jewish country singer Daniel Antopolsky waited 40 years before recording his debut album. Ben Shalev says it was worth the wait. Read on

Daniel Antopolsky. For decades, his name hadn’t meant a thing to even the most ardent country music fans.
Sheriff of Mars

Have you ever smoked scorpion?

Ofri Ilany lists the 10 most outlandish trends that could sweep Israel this year, including Facebook funerals, smoking scorpion and hard-core fasting. Read on

Enter, stage left

Daniella Peled went to see a one-woman show in London by a U.K. Labour Party activist – expelled from the party for anti-Semitism – and was surprised by her own reaction but not that of the lefty audience. Read on

The Jewish community that really loves Trump

The U.S. president can do no wrong in the eyes of many Orthodox Jews. Jonathan Tobin says the contrast with the anti-Trump liberal Jewish majority could make this split the most extreme of any U.S. demographic. Read on

Sea change in Gaza?

Amir Tibon meets the Israeli expert with a novel proposal to build an inland port for Gaza that could both boost its economy and ensure security for Israel. Read on

Violeta Moura

"Foxtrot" director responds to his critics

The controversial film's director, Shaul Maoz, said that while Culture Minister Miri Regev's disparaging comments helped promote the film, they also ignored its artistic value. Read on

The "ex-vegan" trend

Nutrition consultant Gali Roloff-Handel discusses her decision to backtrack from her vegan ways, saying that she "finally got healthy" once she reintroduced animal products. Read on