Israeli Musician Seeks Stranger Who Changed His Life With a Free Guitar

Arnold Nesis had emailed people trying to sell their guitars on eBay if they'd send him the instrument if it didn't sell. Someone did, and now he's a professional.

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An Israeli musician is seeking the complete stranger who changed his life by sending him an electric guitar for free when he was 15.

Arnold Nesis, a professional guitar player, uploaded a video to YouTube on Thursday in a bid to find the person who gave him a free guitar on eBay back in 2000.

Nesis explains in the video that around 1999 or 2000 he had a dream of becoming a musician, but his parents were not fond of the idea, "so they don't pay for lessons and they surely don't buy me a guitar."

So, he went on eBay and emailed people saying, "Hi, I'm this poor guy from Israel If your guitar doesn't sell, can you send it to me?"

Amazingly, one person did. Nesis still has the guitar and he shows it in the video.

Now, the question is will that person see this video and contact Nesis so the musician can finally say thank you?

Screenshot from YouTube of Arnold Nesis holding the gifted guitar.Credit: Screenshot