'Murderers, Murderers': Israeli Journalists Attacked in Istanbul

Reporters for Israel's Television News Company were shoved and cursed by locals who heard them speaking Hebrew while setting up equipment

Itay Stern
Itay Stern
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Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey.
Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey.Credit: Emrah Gurel/AP
Itay Stern
Itay Stern

An Israel Television News Company cameraman and reporter were attacked Wednesday by bystanders asthey sought to film a report from Taksim Square in Istanbul.

Cameraman Oded Bino and Palestinian affairs correspondent Ohad Hemo were shoved and cursed by locals who heard them speaking Hebrew as they tried to position the camera.

Ohad Hemo.Credit: Gali Eytan

“We had a very unpleasant experience,” said Hemo. “When we were standing at Taksim square, a group of Turks recognized the Hebrew word “news” on our microphone and the language we were speaking. They stood and started shouting, ‘Murderers, murderers,’ and some of them started to push us. One of them actually started hitting our cameraman, so we just ran from there.”

Hemo said while neither of them needed medical treatment, Bino was still in pain. “From a certain perspective, this incident describes the atmosphere of what’s going on here in Istanbul. Again a crisis between Turkey and Israel, again we hear [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan and his associates presiding over it and encouraging the people to go out and protest,” he said.

The news company said Istanbul police had detained Hemo and Bino so they could give evidence about the incident. “They did not need medical treatment and are continuing their journalistic work,” the company said.