Mortar Shells Hit Golan Heights as Syria Fighting Spills Over Border

Israel responded with airstrikes after several such incidents this week

A picture taken from the Israeli Golan Heights shows smoke billowing from the Syrian side of the border on June 25, 2017.

Errant fire from the war in Syria spilled over into Israel on Saturday after a week of similar incidents. 

A mortar shell hit near the border fence in the northern Golan Heights on Saturday afternoon, followed by another one shortly after. The Israeli army said no casualties or damage were caused. The army is patrolling the area.

A day earlier, the Israeli air force struck a mortar launcher belonging to the Assad regime in the Syrian Golan Heights after errant fire hit northern Israel.

On Wednesday, Israel struck Assad regime targets soon after several projectiles hit the Israeli Golan Heights. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was attending a ceremony marking 40 years since the establishment of the town of Katzrin in northern Israel at the time of the fire.

On Sunday, Israel attacked a Syrian army units after in response to spillover. A day earlier, two people were reported killed when Israel attacked Syrian army positions in the same area in response to errant fire.