Morgan Freeman Visits Jerusalem's Western Wall

The American actor, known for playing God on screen, visited Jerusalem while shooting his upcoming series, "The Story of God."

AP/Amr Nabil

American actor Morgan Freeman, who played God "Bruce Almighty," visited the Western Wall Sunday morning, during a Middle East tour for research for his upcoming series, "The Story of God."

בצל האלימות, כוכב הקולנוע מורגן פרימן נמצא כאן לצילום סדרה על שלוש הדתות והגיע לביקור מפתיע בכותל קרדיט: אילן לבטוב

AP/Amr Nabil

His trip to Jerusalem came on the heels of a trip to Cairo's Giza Pyramids on Friday as part of the filming of the documentary.

Freeman's visit to Jerusalem comes amid a wave of violence that began October 1, which has seen Israeli and Palestinian casualties.

The Academy Award winner is shooting the "The Story of God" series, which looks at mankind’s quest to understand the divine. The "Million Dollar Baby" and "The Shawsank Redemption" actor is also an executive producer of the feature, which will air internationally next year.

He also set to visit in India for the film's research.