More Than 100 Rightist Israelis March Toward Nablus to Enter Joseph's Tomb

Armed with maps directing how to circumvent IDF troops, the group was making its way through the fields surrounding the Palestinian city; at least 17 arrested

More than 100 right-wing Israeli activists were marching toward the West Bank city of Nablus late Wednesday, three days after a worshiper was shot dead at nearby Joseph's Tomb apparently by Palestinian security forces.

A group of activists focused on resettling Jewish presence in the Palestinian areas of Nablus, Jericho and Hebron had announced earlier in the day that the planned to visit the tomb without coordination with the Israel Defense Force.

Shooting at Joseph's Tomb near Nablus

The IDF stationed large forces in the area and placed blocks along the stretch of road to prevent the activists' plans.

Some 100 people managed to break through and made their way across the fields surrounding the city. Border Police officers were chasing them through the fields, but the activists had somehow gotten hold of maps marked with routes to avoid the troops.

At least 17 activists were detained by security forces.

Many of these activists were friends of Ben-Joseph Livnat, who was killed after trying to break through a Palestinian police checkpoint near Nablus. Four other Israelis were wounded in the incident. The worshippers entered the city, contrary to orders by the Israel Defense Forces, to pray at Joseph's Tomb.