Suspected Mob Hit in Israel Now Believed to Have Been Accident

Police quickly identified incident as criminal, but investigators now say man killed in blast was transporting the device when it exploded.

Scene of the car blast in Tel Aviv, October 16, 2016.
Moti Milrod

A suspected mob hit on a criminal figure in Israel is now believed to be an accident, with police saying they think the victim was transporting the bomb when it went off in his car, killing him on Friday in south Tel Aviv.

Police maintain the blast was a criminal incident and not terror related. 

Paramedic Dudu Suissa said the ambulance team found a man inside the vehicle with multiple injuries, and they pronounced him dead at the scene. 

The blast occurred in a lot on La Guardia Street shortly after 5 P.M, when all businesses in the area were already shut for the eve of the Sukkot holiday.

Police said Monday they think the blast occurred when the man was transporting the explosive, which blew up by accident. The identity of the victim has not been released; he was apparently a crime figure who had acted as a state’s witness in the past and had been injured once before in a bomb explosion.

The bomb was apparently quite large and had been placed close to the driver. 

The police are working to identify the real target for the bomb.