Missing Israeli Businessman Found Dead in Forest Outside Jerusalem

Boris Botashvili was last seen alive on Wednesday morning near Modi'in. Yair Binyaminov, a resident of Modi'in was arrested in suspicion for the murder and his arrest was prolonged Thursday for another seven days

The location where Botashvili's body was found, June 1, 2018
Israeli Police Spokesperson Unit

The body of Boris Botashvili, a 56-year-old businessman who went missing Wednesday, was found early Friday morning in a forest near Modi'in, bearing signs of violence. Police believe Botashvili was murdered. Yair Binyaminov, a 49-year-old resident of Modi'in, was arrested in suspicion for the murder, and his detention was extended for seven additional days.

Botashvili was in the jewelry business and was last seen alive on Wednesday morning near Modi'in. His wife informed police he was missing, and an expansive search followed. On Thursday, police said the investigation revealed there was real danger to Botashvili's life, and the case looked criminal.

Boris Botashvili

Shortly after Botashvili went missing, police arrested Binyaminov for suspected involvement in his disappearance, and located the body following intense investigation. As it is suspected, the two have known each other for several years, and during a recent meeting had a fallout over a business matter. It is believed that Binyaminov shot Botashvili and tossed his body in Modi'in forest.