Merkel: Unilateral Recognition of Palestinian State May Not Push Peace Forward

Prime Minister Netanyahu and the German Chancellor display warm relations during meeting in Berlin amid rumors of tension; Merkel: It is never boring with Netanyahu.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took advantage of their meeting on Thursday in Berlin to display friendly relations and deny the recent rumors regarding tension and distrust prevailing between the two leaders.

"We have intense and honest discussions, sometimes we also disagree, but I can said that it is never boring in talks with the prime minister," Merkel said about Prime Minister Netanyahu during a joint press conference.

Angela Merkel,  Benjamin Netanyahu April 7 2011

Netanyahu, on his part, praised the Chancellor several times for standing beside Israel and even mentioned that Israel's security is of top importance to Merkel.

"We are holding the talks in a friendly and open manner, lacking any need for mannerisms, and we have a mutual goal to promote peace and security," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu was especially satisfied with the fact that Merkel mentioned the importance of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state and voiced a hinted objection to unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state.

"We are in favor of two states for two nations," Merkel said, adding that  "it is not certain that unilateral recognition will contribute to promoting peace, and this will be our position in September."