Meridor: Israel Should Refrain From Building in Areas That Will Be Annexed to PA

'It is important to build wisely, even after settlement construction freeze ends, so that it cannot be said we're harming peace talks. '

Cabinet Minister Dan Meridor said Tuesday that Israel should refrain from building in areas that will be annexed to the Palestinian Authority in the future, even after a 10-month settlement construction freeze is over in September.

Cabinet Minister Dan Meridor during his tour of the West Bank settlement of Efrat
Haggai Offen

Meridor made the comments during a tour of the West Bank settlements Efrat.

"The freeze will be over in three months, and from then on we will not be committed to it; it's a matter of where it is wise and logical for us to build," Meridor said.

"I proposed building in areas that will continue to be part of Israel in the future, rather than in areas that will not," Meridor continued.

"There are ministers who think otherwise," Meridor added. "It is important to build wisely so that it cannot be said that we are harming the negotiations with the Palestinians."

During his visit, Meridor also toured local schools, as well as construction projects that have been halted because of the construction freeze.