Man Suspected of Stabbing His Wife to Death in North

Police say one of the couple's 4 children may have witnessed the attack, another in a recent string of extreme domestic violence cases.

A resident of the northern Israeli Arab village of Na'ura is suspected of stabbing his wife to death, police said on Saturday, in another in a string of domestic violence cases in recent weeks.

Netanya police
Alon Ron

The man, 42, allegedly stabbed his 38-year-old wife around midnight Friday, with police saying that one of the couple's four children may have witnessed the attack.

The woman was evacuated to Haemek Hospital in Afula in critical condition, suffering from multiple stab wounds, finally succumbing to her wounds despite the rescue team's efforts.

The husband, and suspected attacker, was arrested, with police unclear as to the motivation of the incident, seeing that the couple did not have a history of domestic violence.

However, police sources did say the man had a history of mental illness, and was even admitted at one point to a psychiatric hospital.

The attack came as the latest in a string of extreme cases of domestic violence in recent weeks. Last week, a Netanya man, 34, allegedly shot his wife in the head, later trying to commit suicide.

The woman was evacuated to the city's Laniado hospital in critical condition, with the husband in serious condition after suffering what police believed was self-inflicted gun shot wounds to the chest.

Earlier this month, police arrested a woman in the central Israeli city of Ra'anana suspected of killing her two daughters.

Shortly after police arrived at the crime scene, 40-year-old Michal Alone confessed to strangling Natalie and Ronim 4 and 6 and then waiting to see what would happen.

At approximately noon, police received a call from an anonymous source who said that screams could be heard from the suspect's apartment.

Upon arriving at the apartment police were met by the girls' father, who had come home because the mother was not answering his phone calls, he told police.

The father said that he discovered his daughters' lifeless bodies on the floor.

Social services said the woman was known to have mental health problems.