Man Killed in Suspected Criminal Acre Shooting

Man in his 50's found dead in his car in east part of Acre; victim known by police who believe his death the result of dispute between criminals.

A man in his 50's was shot early Thursday while sitting in his car in a neighborhood in the eastern part of the coastal Israeli city of Acre.

The victim was known by the police, who believe his death was the result of a dispute between criminals.

Moshe Roth

An initial investigation has revealed that close to 2:00AM on Thursday a motorcyclist opened fire on the victim, who was in his car and in all likelihood on his way home. Magen David Adom rescue services were called to the scene of the crime, who determined his death upon arrival.

Earlier this week, a 47-year-old man was shot to death in the commercial district of Dimona. Police have yet to arrest a suspect in the murder.

The man is said to be well known in Dimona's community.

Police from Dimona and the Negev have opened an investigation into the murder.

A Dimona resident who was in his office when the shooting occurred on Tuesday night said he ran to the man after hearing the gunshots.

"He still had a pulse and I tried to resuscitate him but it didn't help. He was shot several time in the upper part of his body," the resident said.

On Monday night a woman was shot to death in Lod in what is suspected to have been an incident of infighting between clans.