Man From North Israel Charged With Sexually Harassing Dozens of Young Girls on Internet

The 42-year-old from Jezreel Valley is suspected of crimes against female minors in Israel and abroad.

An indictment was filed today against a 42-year-old man from the Jezreel Valley who was arrested two and a half weeks ago on suspicion of committing dozens of sexual offenses, many of them through the Internet. Many of the victims were girls and young women from Israel and abroad.

The Northern District of the Israel Police received a complaint three months ago from a resident of the north who said her 9-year-old daughter received strange and out of the ordinary requests on the Internet from a man who described himself as a fashion photographer.

The Northern District police fraud squad opened an investigation and discovered that the man had allegedly committed various crimes against female minors in the past several years, both in Israel and abroad. The police made contact with Interpol to locate victims outside of Israel.

In many cases the suspect used the Internet to find his victims, often through Skype. The man would encourage the girls to perform certain acts, many of a sexual nature, which he viewed over the Internet.

The investigators discovered that the suspect then attempted to extort the victims. In some cases, the man met with his victims, some of whom were minors, and harmed them physically. He also used a camera hidden in his home to photograph some of the victims in intimate situations.

The police searched his home when he was arrested and confiscated his computer and other evidence that could tie him to the alleged crimes.

The police say the man confessed to some of the crimes. The indictment was filed in the Nazareth District Court.