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Facing criticism for Israel comments, "proudly" Jewish actor met over Zoom with Allison Kaplan Sommer to explain himself. LISTEN FREE to the whole interview

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Seth Rogen in Zoom conversation with Haaretz's Allison Kaplan Sommer.
Seth Rogen in Zoom conversation with Haaretz's Allison Kaplan Sommer.Credit: Haaretz
Haaretz Weekly podcast.
Haaretz Weekly

Days before the release of Seth Rogen's latest movie – which the Canadian-American actor says is his most Jewish to date – he sat down for a set-the-record straight Zoom conversation with Haaretz’s Allison Kaplan Sommer.

Ever since his comments on the "WTF with Marc Maron" podcast, where he said that "Israel doesn't make sense" to him, Rogen has been at the center of a Jewish twittershpere hurricane. The head of the Jewish Agency even called his mother to kvetch.

LISTEN: Seth Rogen sets the record straightCredit: Haaretz

And , depending on which news outlet you read, Rogen either gave voice to the ambivalence of many Diaspora Jews of his generation toward Israel – or he crossed over to the dark side and become a self-hating Jew who doesn’t think Israel should exist.

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