LISTEN: Israel's Not-so-secret 'Disappearance' of Nakba History

Why is Israel's defense establishment removing documents which chronicle atrocities against Palestinians during the War of Independence from civilian archives - even though many have already been published? LISTEN FREE

A Palestinian from the Deheisheh refugee camp holding the key of a property his family was forced to flee in 1948.
Tal Cohen

On today's show:

Haaretz Weekly Ep. 34Haaretz

Host Simon Spungin is joined by Haaretz's Hagar Shezaf, to discuss her recent article detailing Israeli efforts to 'disappear' documented evidence of Israeli war crimes during the 1948 War of Independence – the Palestinian Nakba.

Hagar, who interviewed archivists, historians and defense officials, tells us about the reporting that went into the story, reactions to it (including an editorial in Haaretz) and why it matters.

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