LISTEN: How 'God-gate' Rocked the Settlers’ Faith in Their Evangelical Allies

With overtly proselytizing content, the God TV network has angered many Israelis - and driven a rift between evangelical Christians and West Bank settlers. LISTEN FREE

Haaretz Weekly podcast.
Haaretz Weekly
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Evangelical Christians at the 2018 Jerusalem March.
Evangelical Christians at the 2018 Jerusalem March.Credit: Olivier Fitoussi
Haaretz Weekly podcast.
Haaretz Weekly

Host Simon Spungin and Haaretz correspondent Judy Maltz discuss the storm surrounding God TV, a global evangelical network that recently started airing overtly proselytizing content in Hebrew to an Israeli audience.

How did the channel, which makes no secret of its goal to “to take the gospel of Jesus into the homes and lives and hearts of the Jewish people” get a license to broadcast in Israel, where proselytizing can be illegal and is almost universally abhorred?

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How 'God-gate' rocked the settlers’ faith in their evangelical alliesCredit: Haaretz

And how have Jewish settlers in the West Bank - who have enjoyed moral, political and financial support from evangelicals - reacted to what they see as a highly offensive attempted to convert Jews to Christianity.

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