LISTEN: Bibi and Trump's Iran Dilemma: Wage War or Win an Election

What do the latest developments in the Iranian nuclear crisis mean for Israel and the region? And why is Washington getting agitated over Sino-Israeli relations? LISTEN FREE

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visits the Bushehr nuclear power plant just outside of Bushehr, Iran, in 2015.
AP Photo / Iranian Presidency Office, Mohammad Berno

On today's show:

Haaretz Weekly Episode 33Haaretz

Host Simon Spungin is joined by Haaretz military analyst Amos Harel to discuss the latest developments in the Iranian nuclear crisis: What is the Islamic Republic hoping to achieve, will U.S. President Donald Trump be maneuvered by his hawkish advisors into war with Tehran and what does all this mean for Israel?

Also: Why is the United States getting increasingly and publically vexed by Israel's close ties with China?