Likud Lawmaker Yehudah Glick Blames Jerusalem Judge for Shooting Attack

In Facebook post leading with 'The blood of the dead is on your hands,' Glick excoriated the judge, who had deferred the imposition of a jail sentence on the gunman.

Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick.
Emil Salman

Likud lawmaker Yehudah Glick has excoriated a judge who had deferred imposition of a jail sentence on the gunman who carried out a deadly shooting spree in Jerusalem on Sunday. The killer had been due to report to prison that day. 

The assailant, a 39-year-old resident of the Silwan neighborhood whose identity is the subject of a gag order, was shot by security forces after he began the attack, and later succumbed to his wounds. He was convicted in a plea bargain of attacking a police officer near the Temple Mount and sentenced to four months in prison, which he had initially been due to begin serving in May. Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Judge Hagit Mak-Kalmanovitch acceded to his request to defer the sentence so it would not affect a new job he had started. 

In a Facebook post, Glick made reference to a court appearance he made before the judge in 2014, following what he obliquely referred to as complaints against him by Muslims over his advocacy of the right of Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. A week later, Glick survived an assassination attempt at the hands of a Palestinian, Muataz Hijazi, in Jerusalem. 

“The blood of the dead is on your hands,” Glick wrote to the judge. "I will never forget that Wednesday, October 22, 2014, in which I was standing in front of you begging for my life," and adding: "You preferred to believe the terrorists and their Muslim accomplices over the Israel Police. You ridiculed me. You favored the terrorists over me and decided to ban me from the Temple Mount because, as you said, there was concern that I was dangerous." Glick had the feeling, he wrote, that she was assassinating him.

Glick wrote: "[A week later], as a result of the backing that he received from you, Muataz Hijazi tried to shoot and murder me. His attempt to assassinate me did not pain me in the least. Your attempt to assassinate me was like a knife to my heart. There's no need to say that ultimately it was proven beyond any doubt that I am pure as the driven snow."

In apparent reference to the two people killed in Monday's attack in Jerusalem, Levanah Malichi and Israel Police 1st Sgt. Yosef Kirme, Glick concluded his post by saying: "The blood of the two dead is smeared on your hands."

Following criticism that the post attracted, Glick deleted it and replaced it with a statement saying that the Israeli judicial system is not above criticism "but no one should dare raise a hand and harm this system or those who work in it." Without the judicial system, Glick declared, Israel would be turned into anarchy. "The criticism that I voiced this morning I tried to make to the point, but I used an expression that was not appropriate and I regret it."

Also on Monday, The deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Meir Turgeman, who is chairman of the planning and building board, said he would “punish” the residents of East Jerusalem because of Sunday’s terror attack.

“We have reached the moment of truth,” he said in an interview on Radio Jerusalem. “Let’s put all the cards on the table. The people in East Jerusalem want to kill us and destroy us. Why do we need to give them a new chance every day?"

Reacting to Turgeman’s remarks, the office of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat stated: “The things said are not the opinion of the mayor and do not reflect municipal policy." As chairman of the local building and planning board, Turgeman has the authority to change the agenda and prevent plans from being discussed. However, in this case the municipality will be exposed to petitions by developers and landowners who will claim that the delays stem from ulterior motives.