Petition Calls on Liberal Think Tank to Scrap Planned Netanyahu Speech

Over 100 leaders and groups have signed a petition slamming the Center for American Progress for hosting the right-wing Israeli prime minister.

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Netanyahu during a news conference in Milan, Italy, August 27, 2015.
Netanyahu during a news conference in Milan, Italy, August 27, 2015.Credit: Reuters
The Forward
The Forward

Scores of progressive and pro-Palestininan activists have signed a petition opposing a left-leaning think tank’s decision to host a speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday.

More than 100 leaders and groups, including a founder of and Jewish Voice for Peace, have called on the Center for American Progress to scrap the planned address by the Israeli leader, who will also meet with President Obama at the White House.

“Netanyahu knows that he has created a deep partisan divide in the U.S. over Israeli policies and is attempting to repackage his increasingly far-right agenda as bi-partisan consensus,” the petition reads. “As progressive leaders across a broad spectrum of social movements, we are dismayed that CAP will sponsor (his speech).”

The left-leaning think tank says it hopes Netanyahu will bring new ideas to break the Middle East peace stalemate.

But many activists say the group, which is traditionally aligned with liberal Democratic Party policies, is offering a fig leaf to the premier’s hardline policies.

Among those signing the petition are co-founder Noah T. Winer, playwright Eve Ensler, and journalist Naomi Klein.

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