Legal Official Slams Bill That Would Expel Israelis' Foreign Partners With Undetermined Residency Status

Knesset's legal adviser says government's proposal disregards rulings of the High Court of Justice.

The Knesset's legal adviser, attorney Eyal Inon, condemned the government on Monday for proposing a bill that would expel Israeli citizens' foreign partners who had yet to determine their status.

Inon blamed the government for trying to pose a "constitutional obstacle" before the Knesset with a scathing disregard for the rulings of the High Court of Justice.

Foreign workers and their children in Tel Aviv’s Levinsky Park
Moti Milrod

According to the bill, an Israeli's foreign partner who has lived in Israel for more than three years without determining their status would be expelled for a ten-year "cooling" period. A partner who has lived in Israel up to three months, would be expelled for one year only.

The bill, which was formulated by former attorney general Menachem Mazuz, was meant to prevent Palestinians from residing in Israel using factitious marriages to Israeli citzens.

According to Inon, the current proposal would affect Kibbutz volunteers, tourists and foreign workers, in addition to Palestinians.