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Sometimes we’re just “in basa” – in a state of annoyance, not really angry, but just bummed. Host Guy Sharett teaches us verbs derived from “basa,” plus more nouns like “hitba’asut,” which could be translated as “the process of getting bummed out.” Who said Hebrew isn’t a rich language?

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Words and expressions discussed:
Basa – A bummer – באסה

Eize basa – What a bummer – איזה באסה

Eize basa ze she – What a bummer it is that/when – איזה באסה זה ש

Be-basa – “in basa” – בבאסה

Kuli be-basa – I am totally in basa – כולי בבאסה

Ani al ha-panim – I am *not* doing well – אני על הפנים

Meva’es (Mva’es) – A bummer; annoying – מבאס

Ze ma ze meva-es (Ze ma-ze mva’es) – That’s so annoying – זה מה-זה מבאס

Mva’es ta’tachat (Meva’es et ha-tachat) – Really annoying – מבאס ת’תחת

Mevo’as, Mevo’eset – Bummed; annoyed – מבואס, מבואסת

Ze lo meshane she-chavera shelcha mevo’eset – It doesn’t make a difference that your girlfriend is bummed – זה לא משנה שחברה שלך מבואסת

Kamuvan hitba’asti she – Of course I was bummed out that – כמובן התבאסתי ש

Hitba’ast/a she-lo hitkasharti? – Where you bummed I didn’t call? – ?התבאסת שלא התקשרתי

Hitba’asut – The process of getting bummed out – התבאסות

Nirshema hitba’asut – An annoyance was registered – נרשמה התבאסות

Me’utsban – Pissed/pissed off (more annoyed than just “in basa”) – מעוצבן

Atsabim – Nerves – עצבים

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