Lawn Bowls / National Mixed Triples /Haifa Rallies Back to Capture Crown

The final of the annual National mixed trips was played during the week at Haifa in a drama-filled game that saw a shock turnaround from Haifa for the win. The Haifa trio of Yossi Greenberg, Yaacov Yosefson and Jacquie Lieberthal came through 17-14 against Ramat Gan's Dror Zomberg, Edna Zomberg and Yair Lieberthal, though the score tells little of the drama throughout.

Adding to the intrigue was the fact that mother and child, Jacquie and Yair Lieberthal, were pitted against each other.

Jacquie Lieberthal and  Yair Lieberthal
Mono Grencel

Ramat Gan started off in grand style, leading 9-0 after five ends, 11-2 after eight ends and then 14-4 after 10 ends. But the Haifa trio, which had been floundering, settled down to constructive positive bowling, giving them the remaining six ends and leaving Ramat Gan stranded with their 14 points.

Yosefson spearheaded the attack with outstanding bowling, and the Haifa crew collected nine shots in four successive ends, which included a vital three count when Yosefson trailed the jack to close the gap to 14-13, with one end left to play.

On the final end the lead changed hands repeatedly. Dror Zomberg had the last bowl to deliver, and after long consultation all three thought they had the shot, and thus the game, despite the danger of playing to the head and giving Haifa two shots for game.

Zomberg accordingly declared his last bowl, an umpire was called and the shot went to Haifa, necessitating an extra end.

Ramat Gan decided to play first but young internationally capped Yair Lieberthal, who previously had the better of his mother playing lead, found himself playing second fiddle to her, when her bowl lay nearest to the jack.

Yosefson added more for Haifa to hold three shots for Ramat Gan to counter. Both Edna Zomberg's and Dror Zomberg's bowls were narrowly off target, leaving Haifa on top.