Lawn Bowls / Blind, Partly Sighted Bowlers Show the Way

The 15th annual Essie Day, where sighted bowlers play together with blind and partially sighted lawn bowlers in a friendly competition, took place at the Ramat Gan Bowling green on June 26.

The competition, sponsored by the family of the late Essie Narunsky in her memory, was organized by the Israel Lawn Bowls Association for the Blind at the club of which she was a long-standing member.

Two greens of 14 rinks comprising 125 participants were filled with players who eagerly awaited this event. This year, the bowlers were honored by the attendance of Sonya Laden, daughter of the late Essie, with her three grandchildren.

The happy winners of the first prize were Talma Fink, Yosef Gross and David Patier, coached by Ayana Steinfeld.

Second prize went to the team of Yona Yogev, Sharon Ashtar and Nechama Zandani, coached by Lola Skikne.

Third prize went to Naomi Fix, Jossi Grummer and Menachem Dagan, coached by Sarah Shapiro.