Iranian Drone Infiltration, Downed Israeli Fighter Jet: What We Know About Latest Israel-Syria Escalation

Here are the events that transpired on Saturday morning, step by step

The remains of an Israeli F-16 that crashed after coming under fire by Syrian air defenses, February 10, 2018.

Iranian drone infiltrates Israeli airspace early Saturday morning

■ Israeli aircraft intercept the Iranian drone

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■ Israel bombs Iranian drone control site in Syria in response to infiltration

■ Syrian SA-5 and SA-17 air defense batteries target Israeli F-16 jet, prompting the pilots to eject

■ Two pilots evacuated to hospital, one in serious condition

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■ Israel responds to downing of jet with a fresh strike, targeting 12 sites in Syria, four of which are Iranian

■ Israeli military says "Syrians and Iranians are playing with fire"

■ Senior Israeli official says Israel views the incidents of the border with "grave severity"

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■ Sources in Damascus say that downing of Israeli jet was "strategic decision," but Syria has no interest in full-scale war

Iran, Hezbollah warn Israel: Next act of aggression will carry 'severe response'

■ Hezbollah says downing of Israeli F-16 marks 'start of new strategic phase'

■ Israeli Ambassador to UN Danny Danon demands Security Council "put an end to Iranian provocation

■ Pentagon says U.S. supports Israel's 'inherent right to defend itself'

■ Netanyahu says he told Putin that Israel will defend itself against any attack from Syria

Putin urged Netanyahu to avoid any step that would lead to a new confrontation