Kadima: Opening of Gaza Border Is 'National Failure' for Netanyahu

Israel opposition party Kadima issues statement after Egypt decision to permanently open Rafah crossing to Gaza, saying this is breach of deal brokered by Kadima with international assistance.

The Israeli opposition party Kadima responded to Egypt's decision to open the Rafah border to Gaza Saturday, stressing the dangers of such a move for Israel's security and blaming Netanyahu's government for failing to prevent the move.

Egypt opened the Gaza Strip border permanently for the first time Saturday since it decided with Israel to impose a blockade on the strip after Hamas seized control in June 2007.

Palestinians waiting to cross border - AP

The closure, which also included tight Israeli restrictions at its cargo crossings with Gaza and a naval blockade, was meant to weaken Hamas, an Islamic militant group that opposes peace with Israel.

"The Rafah border was opened for the first time [Saturday] in direct opposition to Israel's interests," Kadima said in a statement Saturday, adding that Egypt had "breached the blockade that the Kadima government had brokered with international assistance against Hamas."

The opposition party blamed Netanyahu's government, saying it was a "national failure" that was caused by its "inability to create international cooperation". The Kadima statement added that Israel is "isolated, its security is weakened and Hamas is gaining power".

The statement concluding saying the opening of the border is testimony that "Netanyahu's government talks a hard line against Hamas, but in reality during the time of its leadership, Hamas has become stronger than it has ever been in the past."