Jordan's Abdullah: Peace Talks Failure Will Drag U.S. Into New Mideast War

Lack of progress on Israeli-Palestinian peace weakening moderates across the region, Jordanian king tells The Daily Show.

If peace talks fail, the United States will be involved in another Middle East war, Jordan's King Abdullah told talk show host John Stewart on Thursday.

On his satirical news show program, The Daily Show, Stewart asked Abdullah for his opinion on the role of the U.S. in the Mideast.

Opening of peace talks Sept. 1, 2010 AP

"The lack of ability in moving the Israeli-Palestinian process forward" as well as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are "weakening the moderates," Abdullah said. "If we don't solve this problem, you're going to be in the fight as much as we are."

When asked about Jordan's role in the region Abdullah joked that he was "in between Iraq and a hard place."

He spoke about Jordan's vested interest in the success of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

"Their future security is our security," Abdullah said. "We have a vested interest to bring a win-win for everyone here."

The direct peace talks are set to face their biggest challenge yet in the coming days, when Israel's moratorium on building in West Bank settlements is set to expire.

Abdullah touched on the upcoming hurdle, saying "If we get past the 30th, which shows sincerity that the Israelis and Palestinians are actually going to move forward with comprehensive peace, look to Syria and Lebanon to be brought into the equation."