Jordan Man Shot After Jumping Israeli Border, Attempting a Carjacking

The man threw stones at a car, causing it to crash; Israeli woman lightly hurt.

Security guard shoots Jordan man who jumped the Israeli border and attempted a carjacking.
Ram Hachmon

A Jordanian man jumped the border into Israel was shot by a security guard after throwing rocks at a car in the Jordan Valley.

The incident took place on Route 90, in northern Israel. A woman whose car was the target of the rocks crashed into a road barrier and was lightly hurt.

The man, who the Israeli army described as "mentally unstable", then tried to force her out of the car, evidently in an effort to steal it, but was chased away by another driver who noticed the incident.

The assailant was then shot by a security guard from a nearby kibbutz. He was taken to a Tiberias hospital in moderate condition.

The Israel Defense Forces said that the security guard shot the man while following the arrest procedure. The incident is under investigation, the IDF said, but added that it seemed the attack was criminal in nature and that the man had crossed into Israel with the intent of stealing a vehicle.  

The head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, Idan Greenbaum, described the incident as a "severe" security breach.

"We are concerned that a Jordanian citizen can cross the border and wonder around the Jordan Valley," he said.