WATCH: Jon Stewart on Why 'We Need to Talk About Israel' - but Can't

In his latest satirical take on the Israel-Hamas crisis, 'The Daily Show' host gets shouted down for even mentioning the Jewish State.

- דלג

It can't be easy being a comedian at the moment. The news coming out of Israel and Gaza doesn't exactly lend itself to satire. As Jon Stewart, the host of Comedy Central's 'The Day Show,' discovered last week when he included a segment on Operation Protective Edge.

Stewart - who was born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz and who describes himself as  Jewish by ethnicity but irreligious by nature - was subjected to whirlwind of online backlash for what was perceived in some quarters as unjustified criticism of Israel.

On Monday night's show, Stewart poked fun at all those who criticized his criticism - by having members of his own team drown him out which shouts of 'Self-hating Jew' and 'Hamas supporter' wheneve he even mentioned Israel.

The irony, of course, is that, in the end, Stewart didn't discuss Israel on Monday's show.

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