John Oliver Discovers Netanyahu's 'Ridiculous' Corruption Scandals for the First Time

'$1,700 on scented candles and $2,700 on high-end ice cream!' John Oliver takes on the Netanyahu's allegedly extravagant lifestyle

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John Oliver on "Last Week Tonight", February 18, 2018
John Oliver on "Last Week Tonight", February 18, 2018Credit: Youtube

Comedian John Oliver poked fun Sunday at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption scandals during in an episode of his weekly satirical news show "Last Week Tonight," ripping into the Netanyahus "absolutely ridiculous" attempts to spin criticism against their alleged use of public money to fund their exuberant lifestyle.

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Oliver also quoted a Haaretz headline in which Sara Netanyahu was dubbed "Israel's Marie Antoinette."

Oliver opened his monologue by framing Israel as "the thing you bring up when all your friends are the same political party, but you still want to have an argument."

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Choosing to focus on Case 1000, the premier's alleged use of public funds for personal purposes and his family's allegedly "famously extravagant tastes", Oliver named the sums of money spent by the Netanyahus, such as "$1,700 on scented candles" and "$2,700 on high-end ice cream."  

John Oliver takes on Netanyahu corruption scandal on "Last Week Tonight"Credit: Youtube

The monologue also included a critique of 2015 video showing an Israeli TV host visiting the prime minister's home in an attempt to showcase the Netanyahus' supposed modest living conditions. In the video, the host comments on an old closet that it looks like "Anne Frank is hiding here in the back."

This was not the first time Oliver tackled Israel's prime minister. In 2015, he lambasted Netanyahu for "flip-flopping" on his support of the two-state solution (or lack thereof), equating the premier to a guy "trying too hard to say whatever his date wants to hear."

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