Jewish Insider's Daily Kickoff: March 25, 2016

72% of Jewish Americans have an unfavorable view of Cruz & Trump | Jan Koum blasts spread of European anti-Semitism | Shandling's humor.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.
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TOP TALKER: WhatsApp founder Jan Koum writes on Facebook: "Disappointing to see what is happening to Jewish population in Europe. I wish European leaders were stronger and would not let anti-semitism spread like cancer in their countries." [Facebook]  With a 'like' from Mark Zuckerberg

Israel slams U.N. body's call for 'blacklist' of settlement companies: "Israel on Thursday assailed the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for adopting a measure that calls for the establishment of a database of businesses "involved in activities" in the occupied West Bank. Israel's U.N. ambassador, Danny Danon, called the database a "blacklist" and said the UNHRC was behaving "obsessively" against Israel. Netanyahu said it was absurd to condemn Israel rather than deal with attacks by Palestinians against Israel and by Islamic State in Europe." [ReutersFinancialTimes]

Matthew Levitt: 
"The Islamic State’s Lone-Wolf Era Is Over: Small-scale attacks by homegrown radicals are out. Complex plots to maximize carnage are in." [ForeignPolicy]

"How Islamic Jihad Hacked Israel’s Drones" by David Axe: "For at least two years, the Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad could see what the Israeli military’s surveillance drones saw. That’s the accusation of Israeli prosecutors, who this week arrested a man they saw hacked into the drones’ video feeds. If true, the hack had obvious value to terrorist leaders as they planned their operations against Israeli troops and civilians." [DailyBeast]

"U.S. Charges Seven Iranians in Hacking Attacks" by Christopher Matthews and Kate O'Keeffe: "The U.S. Justice Department unsealed charges against seven alleged Iranian hackers Thursday, saying they attacked the U.S. financial system and servers for a dam in New York in the first public indictment against hackers tied to the Iranian government. U.S. officials have long accused Iran of sponsoring hackers, but Thursday’s charges are the most explicit accusation to date." [WSJ]

2016 WATCH: "Vocal Trump critics in GOP open to supporting Clinton" by Kristina Wong: “What’s happening is you have a lot of people who are desperate to get anybody in there other than Trump. ... People are going to go for Cruz, because at the end of the day they think he’s considerably less bad than Trump,” said Eliot A. Cohen... “At the end of the day, he has done nothing to earn my vote. He doesn’t have the character or the values that would qualify him to be president of the United States and commander in chief, nor is he a conservative or a Republican,” said Roger Zakheim. [TheHill]

"Two major ex-Bush donors now backing Cruz" by Katie Glueck: "Fred and Jay Zeidman, two prominent Houston-based Republicans who are influential in the Jewish community, have decided to support Ted Cruz, they told Politico on Thursday. “After watching Mr. Trump and the Senator speak at AIPAC this week, it is clear that the Senator stands firmly with Israel,” Jay Zeidman wrote in an email."[Politico]

"Poll: Jewish Voters View Trump, Cruz Unfavorably" by Jacob Kornbluh: 
"For weeks, Ted Cruz has been hammering Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for suggesting that he would be “neutral” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet despite his strong pro-Israel bona fides, and his attempt to beat Trump in the remaining contests, Cruz is the least liked candidate in the race for president among Jewish voters, according to a new Gallup poll." [JIGallup]

David Brooks: "We’re going to have two parties in this country. One will be a Democratic Party that is moving left. The other will be a Republican Party. Nobody knows what it will be, but it’s exciting to be present at the re-creation." [NYTimes]

"Clinton asks for $353K to sit with the Clooneys" by Annie Karni and Kenneth P. Vogel: "At the Clooney residence, co-hosts include Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg, top Democratic fundraisers and major supporters of Barack Obama in 2008. Other co-hosts include Steven Spielberg and his wife, Kate Capshaw, longtime Clinton donors Haim and Cheryl Saban, and other high rollers to be announced at a later date." [Politico]
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SPOTLIGHT: "Remembering Silicon Valley’s First Giant, Intel’s Andrew Grove" by Jim Aley:"Andrew Grove, who died from the effects of Parkinson’s disease on March 21 at the age of 79, could be as brutally logical as anyone in the tech cosmos he helped bring into existence. But he wasn’t only that—he was a rationalist with a deep humanity, who may be remembered as much for his mentorship as his intelligence... In his autobiography, Swimming Across, he described how his idyllic upper-middle-class Jewish life turned hellish during the Nazi occupation. The trauma continued after the German defeat, after the Russians came and went, and then under the communist Hungarian government, Moscow’s puppet. In 1956, Grove walked across the border into Austria and never returned." [Businessweek]

TALK OF OUR NATION: "Jewish-Focused Online Ad Network Courts Marketers" by Jack Marshall: "One new entrant to the Jewish advertising market, Jewish Ad Network, says it has something its competitors don’t: a database of information about a million Synagogue members it can use to target its ads. Targeting data for The Jewish Ad Network comes from another product RustyBrick launched in 2011, called ShulCloud, which is software specifically designed to help synagogues manage their websites, memberships, email newsletters, events and donations. In the past four years the ShulCloud platform has amassed a database of information about one million members across more than 400 synagogues."[WSJ]

TALK OF THE TOWN: "A Synagogue’s Long-Delayed Building" by Josh Barbanel: 
"Fifty years is a long time to wait to put up a building, even for a Jewish congregation that has been around since 1654, but Congregation Shearith Israel might have to wait a bit longer. The Orthodox congregation, housed in a landmark neoclassical building at Central Park West and West 70th Street, is about to begin excavation work next door for a nine-story community house and condominium." [WSJ]

HOLLYWOOD: "The Humor of Garry Shandling: Keenly Aware, With Hair Jokes" by Jason Zinoman: "It didn’t take long for Garry Shandling, who died Thursday at the age of 66, to ask the audience what they thought of his hair. As a stand-up comic, he led with his neuroses, telling dark and cuttingly self-deprecating jokes in between wide, needy grins." [NYTimesForward] 

CAMPUS BEAT: "Watch Out, Jewish Students: The anti-Israel Movement Will Boycott You Next" by Jared Samilow: "Recent events at Brown University reflect a frightening new stage in the BDS movement: targeting Jewish students and institutions that don't explicitly distance themselves from Israel." [HaaretzDailyBeast]

Ruth Wisse: "March madness is no longer limited to the basketball court. This month, American campuses are being invaded by the latest form of college hazing: Israeli Apartheid Week. Jewish students are made to walk past displays that distort their history, defame their national homeland and shame their religious heritage, while those on campus who are not complicit in the ritual try to ignore their humiliation." [WSJ]

DESSERT: "This Is What it Takes to Run a Kosher Steakhouse" [FortuneMag]

Yitz Applbaum on the Wine of the Week: "One of the great wine visionaries in Israel is Arnon Geva. Arnon got his start by helping to build the famed Castel brand. Today, he is the founder and leader of the new Montefiore winery in Jerusalem. He is a passionate wine spokesman, visionary, thought leader, and ambassador of Israeli wines. He has started a winery with the storied Montefiore banking family. What they produce would surely make "Grandpa" Moses Montefiore proud."

"The Montefiore Kerem Moshe 2012 is a blend of 78 percent Cabernet, 15 percent Petit Verdot with a smidgen of Merlot and Malbec. The wine is aged for 16 months in small French barrels. This decision helps to give this well-crafted wine intense forward notes of strawberry, and black currant on the finish. A characteristic that I love in this wine is the slight hint of smokiness. This allows the wine to taste remarkably special when paired with smoked turkey and beef. A personal favorite is to drink this wine with a molten chocolate cake; it is a combination that will put you over the top."[MontefioreWines]

WEEKEND BIRTHDAYS: Aaron David Miller turns 67... Naftali Bennett, Israel's Religious Services Minister, turns 44... Alphabet CEO Larry Page turns 43... Norman Goldberg... Karen Hochberg... Film and book critic, Gene Shalit, turns 90... Clarinetist Giora Feidman turns 80... Actor James Caan turns 76... Author Erica Jong turns 74... Rachel Forman... Member of Knesset Yisrael Eichler turns 61... Canadian psychologist Reva Appleby Gerstein turns 99... Cartoonist Murray Olderman turns 94... Mo Ostin turns 89... Composer and violinist Malcolm Goldstein turns 80... Walter Mossberg turns 69... Sports agent Leigh Steinberg turns 67... Boston area radio host Matt Siegel turns 66... Poet Dorothea Lasky turns 38
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