Jerusalem Court Indicts Four Border Policemen for Assaulting Palestinian Boy

The border guards allegedly put Palestinian in car with police-dog, and threatened to make the dog bite him if he didn't show his identity card.

The Jerusalem District Court indicted on Monday four border police guards for allegedly assaulting a young Palestinian boy.

The indictment had been submitted to the court by the Justice Ministry's Police Investigations Department, which handled the inquiry into the charges.

According to the indictment, the incident began when a young Palestinian boy approached a checkpoint near the village of Al-Jib, and was asked by the border policemen for his identity card.

When the boy did not take out his card, one of the policemen took him into a military jeep where there was a guard-dog in order to threaten him. Another policeman told the boy that they would order the dog to bite him if he didn't take out his identity card. The interaction between the police and boy continued in this manner until the boy burst into tears.

One of the policemen allegedly hit the boy in his stomach, while another poured water on him and threw a bottle at him. The entire incident was documented on one of the policeman's cell phones.

The four policemen are charged with abusing someone who is helpless and with aggravated assault.