Jaffa Teen Accused of Joining ISIS and Agreeing to Attack Soldiers

Kamel Abu Amara indicted for alleged 'concerted activity in support of ISIS' and for agreeing to carry out an attack at army headquarters

Revital Hovel
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FILE PHOTO: Man under arrest in Israel
FILE PHOTO: Man under arrest in IsraelCredit: \ Baz Ratner/REUTERS
Revital Hovel

An Israeli Arab was charged this week for terrorism for joining the Islamic State group and planning to attack Israeli soldiers.

The 19-year-old Kamel Abu Amara from Jaffa was indicted in Tel Aviv District Court on Wednesday for allegedly joining ISIS and planning to launch an attack near the Defense Ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv, either using an explosive belt or in a shooting attack. The prosecution also alleges that the defendant planned to join ISIS' ranks abroad.  

Abu Amara was arrested last month on suspicion that he had had ongoing contact with a foreign agent and supported of ISIS, which Israel considers a terrorist organization. According to the charges, he joined ISIS through a video in which he swore allegiance to the organization and "'concertedly worked in support of the group and to further its goals and in an effort to recruit other supporters."

The prosecution alleged that "the danger [posed] by the accused increases in light of the fact that, as he admitted, he acted both out of ideological identification with the values of the terrorist group and its goals and out of a feeling of hostility that he had developed against Israel's Jewish citizens."