Ivory Coast Migrant Stays Indoors After Hatikva Riots

African migrant finds it hard to cope with new reality after being at Wednesday night's demonstration.

Justino Joseph, a 28-year-old migrant from the Ivory Coast, spent Thursday closeted at home - after his car was vandalized on Wednesday during a demonstration in the Hatikva neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

Joseph lives in Kiryat Ono with his Israeli partner Lena Oliyanich, who is nine months pregnant.

On Thursday, he spoke with Channel 2 about the attack and showed how his hands had been cut by the shattered glass from his car windows. "They saw me in the car, the window was open since there was no traffic. They said 'Here's the Sudanese.' They started to break the windshield, broke all the glass, I was injured," he said. "'Go back to Sudan,' they yelled."

"We can't go out in Tel Aviv these days since it has become dangerous," said Oliyanich.

The two met two years ago at a club. She said at first it wasn't so scary being seen with him, and there was no problem walking down the street holding hands. But now they always attract comments and she said she is worried she might be beaten.

The couple did not know about the demonstration on Thursday and they said if they had known, Joseph never would have gone out. "We lived normally until now, but maybe we have to think twice from now on about everything that used to be routine," she said.