Ivanka Trump Says She Is Concerned Over 'Rise in anti-Semitism'

'Certainly there are some who said things that are not supportive of the State of Israel,' Trump's daughter says of accusations the Democratic Party has become anti-Jewish

White House Advisor Ivanka Trump attends the first Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) at the Sofitel hotel Ivoire in Abidjan, Ivory Coast April 17, 2019.
Thierry Gouegnon / Reuters

Ivanka Trump said that she is concerned about a “rise in anti-Semitism” while on a visit to Africa.

Trump, the Jewish daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump, also told The Associated Press that there currently is “less support for Israel than Israel has traditionally experienced.”

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Trump converted to Judaism with an Orthodox rabbi before her marriage to Jared Kushner in 2009. Both Trump and Kushner currently serve as White House senior advisers.

When asked if she agreed with the president’s statements that the Democratic Party has become “anti-Jewish,” she replied that “I never make categorical statements, but certainly there are some who have said things that are not supportive of the State of Israel.”

She acknowledged that her work at the White House takes a “tremendous toll” on her family life and her three young children.

Trump told the Associated Press that her father recently asked her if she was interested in becoming head of the World Bank, but that she declined in favor of her current job.

Trump concluded a four-day trip to Ethiopia and Ivory Coast on Wednesday.