Israelis to Supply Czech Army With Mobile Radar, Prague Radio Says

An Israeli company has defeated bids from France Britain and Sweden to outfit Czech Republic's military with updated 3-D radio locators.


Czech Republic Defense Minister Martin Stropnicky has said an Israeli company has won a tender to supply Prague’s military with mobile radar systems, Radio Prague reported on Wednesday.

The eight "3D radio locators" included in the deal for 2.9 billion crowns ($114 million) are due for delivery by the end of 2021, replacing outdated Soviet-era technology, the report said.

The systems will be partly manufactured in the Czech Republic. The report did not identify the Israeli company that won the deal.

French, British and Swedish companies had also competed in the tender.

Israel has had good relations with the Czech Republic, a European Union nation it can often rely on to lobby against resolutions critical of Israel and vote in its favor at world forums such as the United Nations.