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Israelis Show Their Love for Lebanon on Twitter After Forbes Travel List Bust-up

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#TelAvivLovesBeirutCredit: Twitter screenshot

Most travel companies would be thrilled for their city to be featured on a new list of must-visit destinations, especially when the list belongs to a renowned and world-famous publication. After all, what could be better for business?

Not so it seems for one Lebanese travel company, Beirut City Guide, which sparked a mini Twitter love-fest after requesting that Beirut be removed from a Forbes travel list of trending international destinations. Their reason for requesting their own removal? Well, Tel Aviv was on the list, too.

For some Twitter users, the only appropriate response to what one user referred to as childish behavior was an outpouring of love, something that is absent from the usual verbal and aerial exchanges between the two countries. Thus #TelAvivLovesBeirut was born.

It certainly does, and it also certainly loves being included in the top spot of international travel recommendations. As Netanyahu might say, come on guys, don't be hamutzim.

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