Israelis Filmed Throwing Rocks at Palestinian Homes in West Bank Village

Human rights group filmed several dozen Israelis, some masked, hurling stones. One video shows an armed Israeli crouching next to soldiers

Yotam Berger
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Settlers throwing rocks at Burin in the West Bank, February 9, 2018
Settlers throwing rocks at Burin in the West Bank, February 9, 2018Credit: Yesh Din
Yotam Berger

Israelis were filmed throwing stones at the houses of the Palestinian village of Burin in the West Bank Friday.

In the footage, which was taken by members of the Yesh Din human rights organization, the Israelis are seen descending from the Giv'at Ronen outpost toward Burin and throwing rocks at the village, which is located south of the city of Nablus. 

"Yesh Din" footage of Israeli settlers throwing stones in West BankCredit: "Yesh Din"

In one video, a group of 20 Israelis divided into two smaller groups is seen approaching Burin. Some of them are masked. One unmasked man is seen hurling rocks at the village's houses. The video does not show the rocks hitting the houses, which were a few meters away from the stone-thrower.

In the second video, a group of ten Israelis, some of whom are masked, is seen approaching the village. One of them is carrying a pistol and aims it toward the person shooting the video, but does not fire. Afterwards, he and the rest of the group leave the area and camera frame. One of the masked Israelis uses a slingshot to hurl rocks at the village. He does not seem to hit anything. The young man with the gun, his face shown in close-up, lingers and aims the pistol in the general direction of the village before leaving the area.

"Yesh Din" footage of armed Israeli in civilian garb behind IDF soldiersCredit: "Yesh Din"

In the third video, another Israeli wearing civilian clothing is seen near the village, carrying a rifle. A number of Israeli soldiers are then seen walking ahead of him.