Israeli Wounded in Stabbing Attack by Palestinian in Tel Aviv Suburb

Shin Bet says assailant had spent time in Israeli prison in 2015 and 2016.

Gili Cohen
Lee Yaron
MDA teams at the scene of the stabbing in Petah Tikva, July 24, 2017.
MDA teams at the scene of the stabbing in Petah Tikva, July 24, 2017.Credit: MDA
Gili Cohen
Lee Yaron

An Israeli man, 32, was stabbed by a Palestinian in the central Israeli city of Petah Tikva on Monday morning, and suffered moderate injuries to the torso. The stabber, 21, has been arrested and taken for questioning.

The victim was treated by medics and paramedics at the site and evacuated, fully conscious, to Beilinson Hospital, which commented that his condition is stable. Paramedics said that when they arrived, the victim was sitting up on a chair and bleeding from wounds to the chest.

Police sources say that the Palestinian stabbed the man next to a shwarma shop on the corner of Ze'ev Orlev and Bar Kokhba streets in Petah Tikva. The attacker tried to flee on foot to Dov Yemini Street, but was stopped by other citizens, who delivered him to police.

Shlomi Madar, owner of a pizzeria next door to the shwarma stand, claims the Palestinian chased one of his female employees, but he hit the terrorist over the head with a pizza tray. "Then he threw down the knife and ran away," Madar said.

Mito Mizrahi, owner of a car lot where the stabber was caught, said that he thought it was a terror attack because people were screaming "Terrorist" and the terrorist shouted "Allahu akbar". "We ran after him and caught him," Mizrahi says.

"I was at a red light when suddenly I heard a ruckus, and saw people chasing a suspect and shouting terrorist, terrorist," said Lieut. Col. S., an officer in the Engineering and Logistics branch, according to the IDF spokesperson. He began chasing the terrorist with his car. The terrorist fled into a side street and tried to enter a private house, but was foiled by the flocked gate, says the officer. "I drove onto the pavement, collided with a garbage can that hit him and knocked him down. Together with other citizens, we held him on the ground and called the police hotline (100)."

The Shin Bet security service said the stabber had been in Israeli jails in 2015 and 2016, and is being questioned.