Israeli Woman, 27, Drowns in Lake Kinneret; 13-year-old Drowns in Negev

Saturday's incident at the Kinneret is the third of its kind in the past fortnight.

A 27-year-old woman from central Israel drowned on Saturday afternoon in the Kinneret Lake, and a 13-year-old boy died after drowning in a lake in the Negev's Golda Park.

Rescue workers and police located the woman's body three hours after she drowned. Her boyfriend, who was in danger of drowning while swimming with her, was rescued by witnesses. He is currently in a stable condition.

Israelis bathe in the Kinneret during Passover, April 2012.
Gil Eliyahu

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon at around 4 P.M. at the Dugit beach situated on the east side of the Kinneret. According to police Superintendent Ilan Shwartz, "The two reached a distance of 30 to 40 meters from the coastline and started to drown. A group of people that were sailing in a boat noticed them and volunteered to help the couple. The boat's passengers managed to draw the man out of the water, but the woman had already drowned."

The man was taken to the beach, and police forces along with first aid were called to the scene. The man was treated by Magen David Adom and is said to be in good condition. Simultaneously, extensive search efforts to find the woman began, including police in two boats and the police's voluntary diving unit. Police also scanned the beach in search of the woman.

Saturday's incident was the third of its kind at the Kinneret in the past fortnight. A 19-year-old man drowned at a Tiberias beach last week and a few days earlier another young man drowned at another beach in Tiberias.

In another incident that took place Saturday, a 13-year-old boy drowned in a lake in Golda Park, which is situated in the Negev. The boy, who has arrived at the park with his family, was sitting by the lake with his 10-year-old brother when the two suddenly fell into the water. Initial police investigations have revealed that the boys' cousin jumped into the water to save them. He managed to rescue the 10-year-old, who was lightly wounded, but had no such success with the older boy.

Magen David Adom rescue services attempted to resuscitate the 13-year-old, and took him to receive medical treatment at Soroka Medical Center, Be’er Sheva. The boy was in critical condition when he arrived at the hospital and died hours later.

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