Israeli Train Catches Fire for Third Time in Just Months

Train makes emergency stop near Ben Gurion Airport after fire begin spreading in car; passengers transferred to different train.

A passenger train operated by Israel Railways caught fire on Wednesday while traveling en route from Modi'in to Tel Aviv, in the third such incident in just four months.

The train made an emergency stop near Ben Gurion International Airport when the fire began to spread in one of the cars, and transferred the passengers to a different train. There were no injuries.

Israel Railways station
Moti Milrod

Just three weeks ago, Magen David Adom emergency personnel and firefighting services were summoned when smoke began billowing from a train traveling near the northern city of Nahariya. Passengers were able to escape from the train using the emergency manual door handles after smoke penetrated into several cars. Nobody was injured in that incident either.

Five people were moderately hurt and another 100 sustained light injuries last December, when flames broke out on a single car traveling in the Sharon region. Most of the casualties suffered smoke inhalation or burns as they tried to escape.