Israeli Tourist Kidnapped in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

According to reports, the Israeli tourist is abducted with a European tourist; Israel's Foreign Ministry confirms that Israeli citizen has been kidnapped in Sinai, and is in contact with Egyptian authorities.

An Israeli tourist was kidnapped in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula along with an European tourist, Egyptian media reported Friday morning.

According to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, an Arab-Israeli man and a Norwegian woman were kidnapped on Thursday while they were travelling between two beach resorts in Sinai.

Police said, according to Al-Ahram, that armed men intercepted the tourists' car between Nuweiba and Dahab, and forced them into a small truck at gunpoint.

According to MK Ahmed Tibi, the abduction was done in an attempt to push police into releasing two members of the kidnappers' family who are under arrest for drug possession.

Israel's Foreign Ministry confirmed early Friday afternoon that an Israeli citizen has indeed been kidnapped in Sinai. The ministry added that it is in contact with the Israeli citizen's family and is corresponding with the Egyptian government via diplomatic and military channels.