Israeli Students Sent to Filming of 'The Voice' Instead of School

Education Ministry unaware that high school students were sent to the TV song contest at expense of regular school hours.

The Education Ministry was not aware that high school students had been sent to the filming of a TV song contest at the expense of regular school hours, a spokesman for the ministry said.

The television show "The Voice" is a popular music competition in which four well-known musicians coach a different group of youngsters, hoping to lead their group to victory.

On Sunday, seven buses stopped outside the Neveh Ilan studios. Hundreds of high school students in uniform and their teachers were excited to be part of the audience for an installment of the show.

The trip was arranged in cooperation with commercial companies. The cost of transporting the students was covered by a firm employed by concessionaire Reshet - the producer of the show.

That day, students from schools in three different parts of the country took part in the recording, so it was more than a local initiative. This was backed up by the production company, which said "the audience is mixed and consists of high school students."

The Education Ministry has pledged to "examine each case specifically" - in any case, several schools had students taking part in the show.

According to the production company, Constantin, "The producers of 'The Voice,' like any other TV producer of a show filmed in front of a live audience, hire a company that ensures that there is an audience. The producers pay this company for coordinating and managing the audience when it arrives at the studios. The audience is mixed and consists of high school students, soldiers and various organized groups."