Israeli Soldiers Photographed Beating Palestinian Face Disciplinary Action

After IDF says man was resisting arrest, investigation states soldiers 'acted unprofessionally.' In separate incident, two soldiers suspended after caught on tape setting fire to Nablus warehouse.

Gili Cohen
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Israeli soldiers restrain a Palestinian in Hebron, September 20, 2016.
Israeli soldiers restrain a Palestinian in Hebron, September 20, 2016.Credit: Mussa Issa Qawasma, Reuters
Gili Cohen

Israeli soldiers and officers involved in beating a Palestinian in Hebron last week will be subject to a disciplinary hearing by their commander, the army has announced.

Photographs taken at the scene showed that at least five infantry soldiers from the Nahal Brigade had surrounded the Palestinian during his arrest. One of the soldiers is shown kicking the man, while another holds him by the throat. Another photo shows a soldier pinning the Palestinian to the ground with his knee. The Palestinian is seen barefoot in a street in Hebron.

Photos of the arrest were soon published on social media networks.

The military initially said the man was resisting arrest. However, further investigation showed that the soldiers had not acted as they should have. The IDF decided on holding a hearing for the soldiers as well as for relatively junior officers who were in command of the force. The hearing is to take place in their battalion in the coming days.

In another incident, two Nahal soldiers were suspended after allegedly setting fire to a wood warehouse belonging to a Palestinian in Nablus. Security cameras at the warehouse caught the soldiers approaching the structure, holding a lighted object and throwing it toward a pile of wood. Only after a large fire broke out did the two soldiers leave the place. A military police investigation has been launched into the matter.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office said of the Hebron incident: “An investigation of the incident showed that the forces acted unprofessionally and not in keeping with expectations from them. Lessons will be learned from the incident. In addition, commanders will be subject to a disciplinary hearing.”

With regard to setting the Nablus warehouse on fire, the spokesman’s office said: “An investigation by the commanders shows that this is a serious incident that does not conform to the values of the IDF. The soldiers have been suspended from duty and a military police investigation launched.”