Israeli Soldiers Come Under Fire Along Gaza Border

No soldiers were hurt in the cross-border shooting which targeted IDF patrol near Gaza Strip

Military vehicles patrol the Israeli side of the Israel-Gaza border, January 25, 2017.

Israeli soldiers came under fire Wednesday along the border with the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army said, noting that no soldiers were hurt in the incident.

The soldiers were patrolling the Kissufim area when they heard gunfire. After calling in the shooting, an army lookout confirmed that the group had been fired upon, prompting the soldiers to return fire. Additional gunfire from Gaza ensued.

The army said it was examining the shooting.

The Israeli army destroyed a Hamas observation post on Sunday night in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for a rocket that was fired from the Strip at Israeli territory earlier in the evening, the military announced.

According to the army, an Israel Defense Forces tank fired a mortar at the target, destroying it. Reports from Gaza said that the strike took place next to a refugee camp in the center of he Strip.