Israeli Soldier Injured by Friendly Fire During IDF Operation Near Bethlehem

Soldier moderately injured was hit by fellow soldier's gunfire in Deheisheh refugee camp. Two Palestinian men also sustained injuries in the incident

Israeli soldier aiming his weapon towards Palestinian protesters during clashes in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on July 19, 2017.

An Israeli soldier was moderately injured in friendly fire Tuesday night during an IDF operation near Bethlehem.  According to IDF spokesman, the soldier was wounded by friendly gunfire and evacuated to a hospital.

The soldiers had fired at two suspected Palestinian residents of Deheisheh refugee camp, who were arrested and fled. The two men sustained injuries as well and received medical treatment. The incident is under investigation. 

Last month, an IDF officer was killed from a bullet fired accidentally by a soldier during a drill in Hebron. Platoon commander Lt. David Golovenchick, 22, of Efrat, was conducting a drill without first having his soldiers unload their guns, a preliminary investigation of the incident indicates. Consequently, one of the soldiers inadvertently cocked his gun and shot his commander during the drill.