Israeli Soldier Dies After Jeep Overturns Along Gaza Border

Three other soldiers were wounded after patrol unit driving in Hummer flips over near Kissufim crossing with Gaza

Gili Cohen
Gili Cohen
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An Israeli soldier was killed Saturday after the army jeep he was driving overturned near the border with the Gaza Strip.

Three other soldiers, from the paratrooper brigade, were hurt and taken to a local hospital, where one is still in moderate condition after the incident near the Kissufim border crossing with Gaza. Their families have been informed of the incident.

An initial investigation by the Israel Defense Forces found that the IDF Hummer they were driving in flipped over a number of times. The army is looking into whether the four were driving at a proper speed for the specific terrain they were on. All four were wearing their seatbelts.

This type of accident is quite common in the Israeli army and in the past there were several instances of soldiers being killed in such crashes.

In April 2014, Elhai Shitrit, a 19-year-old Israeli soldier, was killed when his Hummer flipped over in northern Israel. The incident did not take place during an operation, as was the case Saturday, but rather as the soldier was on his way to an army outpost. In June 2012, soldier Dor Jan was killed when his jeep flipped over on the Golan Heights. In wake of the incident his commander was fired and the soldier driving the jeep was later charged with manslaughter after it was discovered he was driving at a high speed.