Israeli Police Used Stun Gun on Confused American Who Attacked Security Guard

The man's wife says he told her Jesus had ordered him to destroy the family's credit cards and go north

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Israel Police described the American as being 'detached from reality.'
Israel Police described the American as being 'detached from reality.'Credit: Screenshot / Times of Israel / YouTube

Israeli police used a stun gun on an American citizen after he attacked a security guard at the entrance to a moshav in northern Israel late on Thursday night, in an incident which was first reported by Israeli media on Sunday.

The unidentified man, 31, who police described as being “detached from reality,” reportedly had been in Israel for two weeks with his wife and son. He was arrested and held by police after the incident.

He reportedly attacked a guard at the entrance to the Almagor moshav near the Sea of Galilee before fleeing to the forest nearby. He held police at bay with a long metal rod, while repeatedly shouting “fire.” Officers fired a stun gun at the man, who fell to the ground, but then recovered. He was then physically subdued by several police officers.

The incident, which occurred hours before Good Friday, was captured on police video and released Sunday by Israel Police. The man’s wife told investigators that he told her Jesus had revealed himself to him and told him to destroy the family’s credit cards and go north.

A judge in the Nazareth Magistrate’s Court on Friday ordered the man held until Tuesday.