Israeli Police Thought 28-year-old Woman Committed Suicide. Three Months Later, a Suspect Is Arrested

Family gave investigators name of a man they believe pushed Yasmin Raz to her death

Israeli police arrested on Sunday a man suspected of being involved in the death a 28-year-old woman who fell from the balcony in her apartment in the central city of Holon in January, in what was first believed to be a suicide.

Yasmin Raz's family has been convinced she had been pushed to her death. Her uncle, Meni Segev, said the family gave the poilce the name of the 48-year-old man, also Holon resident, they believe is responsible for her death.

Undated photo of Yasmin Raz.
Courtesy of the Raz family

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Segev told Haaretz after her death that she had “met someone [a Hasid] from the Bratslav [order] who affected her deeply and caused her to embrace religion. She traveled to Uman in Ukraine [the movement’s spiritual center], after which she started using drugs." 

"Whatever we tried to do to get her to stop seeing this person was to no avail," he said. "He placed her in that apartment with two other men. She quarrelled with one of them, who kicked her stuff and scattered her things across the hallway. She then decided she’d leave the apartment and was waiting for a friend to come and get her.”

Segev added that shortly before her death, Raz called her mother and complained she was being beaten. The mother called police but when they arrived they found nothing.

Raz’s neighbors testified that they’d heard sounds of a quarrel between her and her roommates in the stairwell. In recordings heard on Kan public broadcaster, Raz sounded worked up after the quarrel, asking a friend to come get her.

Segev added: “I shuddered when I heard he was arrested, since from the start I knew who it was and I informed the police. I knew they did something to that girl and it didn’t give me any rest. When I went up to the apartment, I knew the girl had been murdered.”